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Private Yoga At Your Home

Would you like to feel more comfortable in your body, breath and mind?

  • A body that is strong, light and pain free.
  • A breath that is steady, smooth and deep.
  • A mind that is calm, focused and lucid. 

Imagine developing this…

  • In the comfort of your home.
  • At a time that suits you best.
  • With the attention of a skilled teacher, tailoring a personal practice to your needs.

This is BODHI


We offer a complete set of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, Ayurveda, natural therapy, yoga lifestyle & diet, yoga and Vedanta philosophy, meditation and many more. Our team of senior yoga consultants are well educated and highly experienced. 

We address all the requirements of your health needs from physical to the vital energy body, the psychic body, the subtle intelligence body, and the transcendental or bliss body. We specialize in physical challenge like headache, lower and upper back pain, hair loss, teeth issues, asthma, knee pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, autoimmune disease, migraine, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis, child bearing challenges, prenatal and postnatal yoga. We also offer yogic perspectives to address psychological challenges like grief, anxiety, depression, addiction and anger.

In India, where yoga originated, yoga is seen as a lifestyle and a healthcare system. It includes and goes far beyond physical exercise. Unlike conventional reductionist medicine that tends to compartmentalize diseases into symptoms and organs, yoga considers the body to be a whole and integrated system. This includes the mind, vital energy, the body’s natural intelligence and what is called ‘ananda’ or the auric body. When all are in a state of homeostasis, the experience is that of genuine happiness. This is our approach to teaching yoga.

Here's How It Works


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Health assessment by our senior yoga consultant


Personalized yoga chart and training schedule


Yoga consultant on-site to guide personal practice


Progress monitoring and adapting chart.

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Years Of Experience

BODHI is an organization established in 2006, offering wellness services to individuals and organizations across the spectrum. 

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Happy Clients

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Programs & Trainings

BODHI, winner of Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest and Accolade for Business Excellence, has been offered programs and seminars across four continents.

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