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Teacher, speaker & yogipreneur  

Having taught yoga and meditation since 2001, there is one thing that I am confident about: yoga practice is for every-body. I have taught yoga in virtually every conceivable environment, to people from the entire spectrum of age, culture and physical condition. As my teacher used to say, “It is the one good, for all good”.


I have been extremely fortunate to have been taught by two master teachers, Yogacharaya Nandakumar and Siromani Sriram. Beyond being in awe of their mastery of the practice, what was more inspiring was how remarkable they were as human beings. I remember my then young mind wondering, “If I could be just a little bit like them, then this is definitely worth practicing”.


It is an honor and privilege to pass on what I continue to learn, with enthusiasm and due justice to the practice. So, it is very important to me that yoga is taught properly, to the best of my understanding. It is my hope and trust that this sincerity comes through in my guidance, so that this practice can be as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

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Yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer & vedanta speaker  

I was born and brought up in a yogic family at Kolkata, India, and have been learning and practicing yoga since my childhood. In my early adulthood, while in Dubai for work, I experienced a sever health condition, and had no access to medical care. I tried to regain my health by going to the gym and by practicing the yoga that I had learnt in my youth, yet this was ineffective. This is when I was fortunate to encounter the teachings of internationally renown yoga master Sri Baba Ramdev. It made me realize the true power of authentic yoga, and I was cured in a few days like magic. This experience compelled me to return to India and complete my formal yoga studies at Burdwan University (International Yoga Alliance Certified). Then I returned to Kolkata and offered yoga therapy to private clients and trained yoga teachers to teach in large organizations. To deepen my knowledge of yoga and go further into the practice, I decided to lead a monk’s life at the Patanjali Yog Peeth in Haridwar under the guidance of guru-ji Sri Baba Ramdev. This experience profoundly deepened my knowledge and experience of yoga. I was then invited to teach international students in Rishikesh, the international epicenter of yoga studies. It is my sincere understanding that authentic yoga, as taught in India, can shed a new perspective on how yoga is generally practiced in the modern western world. To me it is a profound healthcare system that I feel honored to represent and teach.

BODHI collaborates with a highly experienced team of yoga consultants, selected and mentored by Bhaskar and Tinku.

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