BODHI Buds is a leading provider of in-school yoga in Montreal, complementing the regular school curriculum by fostering health, happiness and wellness for youth, teachers and support staff.

Why Yoga at School?

Students of all ages face major challenges at school. Not only do they experience pressures related to academic performance, there is often added stress related to discovering their identity, bullying, and finding a way to fit in. The BODHI Buds program teaches yoga not only as a method to improve the physical health of students, but also to increase their self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall mental and emotional well-being.

Yoga Buds

What We Offer

We offer the following services which allow students to develop important life tools including self-care, stress management and relationship skills. We also offer weekly classes for staff to foster wellness in this challenging profession.

BODHI pre-screens all of its teachers to ensure the highest quality instruction for youth.

Meditation and Yoga for Special Initiatives

Can support any current initiatives such as leadership development, anti-bullying and eco-consciousness.

Weekly Student Yoga Classes

Yoga before or after school hours, to suit the needs of every school.

Meditation for Exam Preparation

A 10-week course in advance of the exam period, geared towards cultivating a calm and attentive mind and attitude.

Yoga for Fitness

Specially-designed programs for the sports and dance teams in your school.

Yoga Blast

The ‘shock and awe’ approach, where six or more inspiring yoga teachers come by for a day and get everyone involved.

Weekly Staff Yoga Classes

Weekly classes for teachers and support staff to reduce stress and foster relaxation in a fast-paced and challenging profession.

How to Register

For information and to register for an activity, contact:

Lauren Enright – Director, BODHI Buds

Bhaskar Goswami – BODHI Founder

Meet the BODHI team