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Article of the Month: Two Extraordinary People, One Extraordinary Story

Two Extraordinary People, One Extraordinary Story! by Isabel Justo (of Yoga Bliss) 20 years ago, almost to the day, a beautiful baby girl was born in Canada, as a first gerneration Canadian. Her parents, being of Iranian descent, gave her the name Azalia. Azalia means “Flower” and, as you’ll come to appreciate, she embodies the […]

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Article of the Month: Sincerity and Seriousness

Article of the Month: Sincerity and Seriousness A personal story by Bhaskar Goswami Some of you may know that about nine months ago, due to very rare circumstances, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and this made my body totally paralyzed. I remember thinking at the height of the paralysis, when virtually nothing was […]

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The Infinite Moment

The Infinite Moment by Rosanne  Botto We’ve all had the experience of having unpleasant events occur in our lives. Many of us have become so engrossed in that story line that is so strong, so rich, so juicy, that we can’t seem to shake it.  When we speak about it; when we indulge the story […]


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions: Question: Sometimes in Savasana, when I am in deep relaxation, strong emotions, like anger, fear, and anxiety show up.  What am I doing wrong?!? Answer: You are doing absolutely nothing wrong. As we move into Savasana, we are surrendering to ‘what is’.  As we practice, we move from the Gross to the Subtle.  As […]


Reflection Awe and Wonderment

Reflection Awe Wonderment by Bhaskar Goswami In the ancient epic saga of the Mahabharata, the opening scene in the segment called the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ is worthy of note. The great warrior Arjuna requests his charioteer, the Godhead Krishna, to drive his chariot to the middle of the battlefield before the commencement of the great war of Kurukshetra. It was a complex situation. […]



Curiosity  by Bhaskar Goswami There was a time when you could count on one hand the number of scientists that understood a theorem like Einstein’s E=mc2. Nowadays in less than five minutes you can watch a YouTube video that does a very decent job of explaining how Einstein arrived at this conclusion and its implications, […]

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Bodhi Article: Fearless

The following was written on January 1st, 2014 and is offered with love, as a description and not a prescription… Fearless by  Bhaskar Goswami Dear BODHI Family, At one level, this is a random time on an arbitrary calendar. At another level, the power of our collective intention, and the significance that we give it, makes it a […]


Wish for Abundance and Love….

A Wish for Abundance and Love… by Rosanne Oh, the weather outside is frightful!  But inside its so delightful.  And since we’ve no place to go.  Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! The opening lines to a popular Christmas Carol.  If you were raised in the Traditions of Gift Giving, abundance of […]

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