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Article: Discipline and Inspiration

There is a lot to be said for developing our threshold for handling uncertainty. Life is uncertain, and the only certainty is change, constant change. We might as well embrace this.

Having taken this insight to heart, I actually often found myself actively looking for uncertainty, just to see what would happen next. I used to plan as little as possible just to find out how the day, week, month, year, life would unfold. Then suddenly, real uncertainty arrived.


Article of the Month: Cultivating Gratitude

When we begin to cultivate a sense of gratitude in the practice of yoga, it is often during savasana… or when gently rocking to massage the spine… or some other pleasurable part of the asanas. And that practice of gratitude can be carried away from the mat into other aspects of our lives.


How far today?

My earliest memories are of wanting to be big!! I am the youngest of 6 kids, so naturally, I wanted to be able to do what my older sisters and brothers could do.   I reached, stretched, stood on my Tippy-Toes.  I got frustrated when I couldn’t get the words “Fingers and Fums” right.  I […]

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