Foodie’s Suggestion: Dano’s Butternut Tomato Soup

Here is a perfect autumn recipe with one of nature’s sweetest vegetable, part of the squash family: the Butternut Squash. You will need: 1 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil 1 chopped red onion or shallots (here size really doesn’t matter) 3 garden tomatoes (or any kind will do) 1-2 garlic cloves Small or medium […]


Earth nutrition: Besto Pesto for a whole year

Earth Nutrition : How to make BESTO PESTO for the whole year..   Get as many basil leaves as you want and put them in your food processor in bunches that fit. Mulch the basil in pulses with the blade,(on/off). (on regular spin the green basil will go gray) Add vegetable oil in little amounts while mulching […]


Earth Nutrition: Top 5 Liquid Day Starters – repost

Back by popular demand: These 5 Liquid Day Starters are sure to rev up your Engines of Peace and start you on the right foot: Top 5 Liquid Day Starters (Earth Nutrition)   To keep the body fit, clean, energized and light.  After going to the washroom for the first time in the morning begin […]


Earth Nutrition: Zooquash Salad

Earth Nutrition: zooquash salad               In a large bowl: Grate 1 zuccini Grate a handful of butter nut squash Finely chop 1 stick of celery Dice 1 radish Chop 1 shalotte Options of herbs: Finely chop about 1 handful total of parsley, dill or cilantro as you like Dice […]


Earth Nutrition: Veggie Moroccan Quinoa Tajine

Earth Nutrition:  Veggie Moroccan Quinoa Tajine Ingredients and method in one: -2 TBSB of olive oil in pot on medium-1 small red onion, or half a big, one diced-2 cloves of garlic chopped-sautee -add 1 cup of quinoa-add 2 3/4 cups of water-stirdo your best for the options of herbs and spices:-desired salt-1/2 tbs of turmeric-1/2 tbs of cumin-1/2 tbs of […]


Earth Nutrition: Tomato Veggie Stew

Delicious winter vegetables in a tomato base, seasoned just the way you like it. Warm, nutritious comfort food.