Earth Nutrition: Top 5 Liquid Day Starters – repost

Back by popular demand: These 5 Liquid Day Starters are sure to rev up your Engines of Peace and start you on the right foot: Top 5 Liquid Day Starters (Earth Nutrition)   To keep the body fit, clean, energized and light.  After going to the washroom for the first time in the morning begin […]


Article of the Month: Sincerity and Seriousness

Article of the Month: Sincerity and Seriousness A personal story by Bhaskar Goswami Some of you may know that about nine months ago, due to very rare circumstances, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and this made my body totally paralyzed. I remember thinking at the height of the paralysis, when virtually nothing was […]

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YOCOMO Yoga Festival

YOCOMO Yoga Festival June 6th – 8th YOCOMO is eagerly getting ready for the third annual Yoga Festival Montréal, June 6 – 8, 2014! The weekend will span over 30 styles and 50 hours of workshops, classes, performances, discussions and panels, guided by many of Montreal’s shining teachers. Yoga Festival Montreal (YFM) is an opportunity to […]

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BODHI: My Place, Community Yoga has begun

BODHI: My Place, Community Yoga has begun. Looking for community yoga, meditation, martial arts? Look no further! In March, BODHI: My Place, our Community Yoga, started.  We’ve successfully been welcoming students to our classes in Roxboro, Ile-Bizard, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Down Town.  This is a  non-localized yoga centre that is completely donation based, and  non-profit.   This program […]

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Radio interview with Bhaskar on yoga

In case you missed it last summer, here is a link to the radio interview with Bhaskar discussing yoga.   Click here to download

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Continue your practice at BODHI: my place

Donation-based, community driven ‘open source’ yoga Looking for a place to practice? Here’s My Place…  The Concept: The good host offers a practice space. Students find out about the classes from the ‘BODHI my place’ app, website, newsletter, Facebook page, and word of mouth. The respective teacher shows up with a donation box. 80% of […]

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Words of Wisdom              Relax without lazinessFocus without tensionPerceive without projectingWitness without judgingEnjoy without cravingReflect without imaginingLove without conditionGive without demandingReceive without possessingServe without self-seekingChallenge without dominatingMeditate without identityCorrect without blamingOvercome without prideLaugh without cynicismCry without pityConfront without hatredGuide without superiorityBe without self-definingLive without arroganceEnter without self-importanceDepart without regretBe one […]


Earth Nutrition: Squashpea Dish

Earth Nutrition:  Squashpea Dish                   Squashpea Dish Ingredients and Method in one: Olive oil bottom of potChop half red onion4 med size tomatoes, diced small2 handfuls of butternut squashHandful of green peasChop half red bell pepperSalt and pepper to tastePinch of turmeric and cuminSpice it up if you […]

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