Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Question: Sometimes in Savasana, when I am in deep relaxation, strong emotions, like anger, fear, and anxiety show up.  What am I doing wrong?!?

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Answer: You are doing absolutely nothing wrong. As we move into Savasana, we are surrendering to ‘what is’.  As we practice, we move from the Gross to the Subtle. 

As we allow the body to relax, its gives us the sensation of ‘letting go’.  There is nothing more freeing than letting go.

Imagine, carrying a heavy parcel around. At some point, you decide to set it down.  Your hands, arms, and back are so grateful for setting it down that the Body instantly gives you feedback. Your hands and arms feel lighter, and your back is suddenly relieved not to have to carry so much weight around anymore.  The whole Body smiles in this liberation.

So, as we settle into Savasana, feeling grateful for the previous posture… whether it is because of the joyful sensation of energy that has moved into areas of the body that needed it, or just grateful that the posture no longer exists in the ‘now’, we feel a sense of relief. 

We move from Gross to Subtle.  That means that, initially, our ‘solid-seeming’ muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, are ‘given permission’ to let go.  Sometimes, we notice a sense of an even deeper,  more subtle relaxation.  Its as if every cell of your body breathes a sigh of relief, as if all 75 Trillion of them have decided to set down a heavy parcel.

We might go to even deeper, more subtle feelings of letting go. Moving from the Gross, physical body, to the cells, to the breath… to our Energy Body.  In the depths of relaxation; of ‘letting go’, those emotions that we guard against, because they are so unpleasant to experience… the ones we pack down and hold tight to, like a heavy subtle parcel… are free to let go as well. 

Emotions, or Energy Motion, is direct communication with the Subtle Body.  They are meant to guide us into realizing something needs our attention.  They are meant to be felt, and when we do, we can then let them go.

If ever you experience strong emotions in your practice, give yourself permission to feel them. Congratulate yourself.  You are letting go on deeper levels, allowing your body to return to the Calm, Benevolent space that is always there, waiting for you to ‘come home’.



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