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BODHI In-Corporate is the leading provider of Corporate Yoga in Montreal. We promote employee and organizational wellness, and are available to teach at your place of business, team retreats and special events.

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Why Yoga at Work?

It should come as no surprise that employee wellness is directly linked to work performance and the functioning of organizations as a whole. At BODHI we go beyond postures and teach yoga as a system for achieving optimal physical and mental health.

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What We Offer

We offer the following services with the aim to suit every organization, and to meet the needs of every employee. BODHI pre-screens all of its teachers to ensure the highest quality instruction in a corporate environment.

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A series of one hour discussions designed to bring in-depth awareness to health issues and offer stress-reduction techniques. Topics include, but are not limited to breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, healthy eating, positive thinking and Ayurveda.

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On-site sessions with one of our teachers to suit your needs and availability. The length and number of sessions are determined by each company. Meditation and martial arts classes are also offered.

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A course consisting of six 1-hour sessions designed to provide employees with the skills to transform themselves through mindfulness and self-observation. Focus is placed on meditation and breathing techniques to calm the mind, generate greater vitality, and nurture a mental state conducive with joy and creativity.

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Profound exploration, practice and insights into mindful leadership. Retreat comprises of nature walk, meditation practice, gentle yoga and other mindfulness-developing activities, together with organic meals, talks, Q&As and facilitated group dialogue.”

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Yoga-inspired warm-up session to promote fluidity and mindfulness for your golf tournament, tennis match, hockey game, or any other activity.

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Individualized yoga programs to address the unique needs of every person. Can assist with healing injuries, stress and tension, lifestyle changes, and other issues. Naturopathy insurance receipts available.

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Yoga-inspired sessions to promote vitality and mindfulness. Can be held alongside corporate meetings, product launches, team-building initiatives and other events.

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We can build a custom program to target your specific needs. Examples of custom programs can include corporate-wide initiatives, programs for specific departments, and programs for specific projects.

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Gifts to show appreciation for your employees that keep on giving!
Choose from our selection of yoga mats, bags, blocks, music, books etc. to foster wellness all year round!

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How to Register

For information and to register for an activity, contact:

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Caroline Goyer – Director BODHI My Place and BODHI In-Corporate

Bhaskar Goswami – BODHI Founder

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Our Clients

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