The Mirror of Relationships

By Laurin Michelle Kyle


As a 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor, affiliated and certified with Deepak Chopra’s organization, I practice “watering the seeds of Divinity” within me, not only to experience these qualities but also to be a mirror for others. As I extend and radiate qualities of wisdom, kindness, playfulness to name a few, I help to remind others of these qualities that lie dormant within them. I become their mirror.

Unfortunately this is often misunderstood as personal attributes rather than being understood as Universal attributes that are in all of us. Misunderstanding breeds jealousy which is the belief in not having these qualities but this is not true, and it is through intention that we manifest them in our lives. By looking at life as a mirror, we find the people, the objects, and nature as opportunities to reveal these qualities within us. A rose becomes a beautiful reflection for the beauty that dwells within, a laughing child offers the chance to see this divine quality that is simply calling for nurturing, a kind stranger helps us to feel this quality within our heart centre. In this understanding do we remember that we are all mirrors to each other and our purpose is to cultivate, nourish and grow these qualities in order to experience and reveal Universal Inspiration and unconditional Love in all its flavors.

The business world would be transformed if it understood this, as the false idea of “rivals” would be tossed out and we would remember we are friends and that our attributes, watered with intention and attention, can blossom abundance on all levels. The personal “I “would be seen as laughable and all would work in concert to expand life’s opportunities to share in collective happiness.

So today, hold the intention to discover what seeds dwell within you. Become a Treasure finder and help others to become one too!



About Laurin :


My passion and Life’s purpose is to empower all to discover their true loving nature and to share their Heart Treasures with the world. I have extensive experience in helping people tap into their joyful essence as I operated a team building and corporate play company for many years in Whistler. For the last 10 years, I have ventured more deeply into Self understanding and realization, acquiring certification as a Chopra Yoga & Meditation Teacher, A Pathways of Light Spiritual Minister, a Passion Test facilitator, a Laughter Yoga Leader, a 32 Hour Yoga Kids Instructor as well as a Heartmath Practitioner. I love helping to empower the enflowerment of true peace, joy and happiness in everyone…our Divine Inheritance. For more information, you can visit my site. 

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