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BODHI My Place is a unique, innovative program that brings hosts, yoga teachers, and students together to create inviting, friendly, by-donation yoga classes in your community. Looking for a place to practice near you? Try My Place!

Your class is free. Your contribution is for the benefit of future students.

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How it Works

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Step 1

A host offers a space (can be a basement, living room, office space after-hours, you name it!) to hold a weekly yoga class.

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Step 2

A certified yoga teacher is assigned to teach the class every week, and brings a box for donations. We also welcome teachers with other holistic or well-being specialties, such as meditation, martial arts, tai chi, dance, etc.

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Step 3

Students search and sign-up for nearby classes. See all our Classes Calendar below, click over any class to view details and register to assist.

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Step 4

Students attend classes of their choice and offer donations to teachers by-appreciation.

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Donation-based, community driven open source yoga.

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Teach or Host a Class

Are you a certified yoga teacher looking to teach yoga in your community? Do you have or know of a space that is perfect for hosting a weekly yoga class? We want to hear from you! For information on how to teach or host a class contact:

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Caroline Goyer – Director BODHI My Place and BODHI In-Corporate

Bhaskar Goswami – BODHI Founder

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