BODHI Roots is a leading provider of yoga at special care centres in Montreal, bringing yoga to a wide variety of institutions, including:

Elderly homes | Rehabilitation centres | Addiction centres | Prison systems
Other specialized places

Why Yoga at Special Care Centres?

At BODHI we are committed to bringing yoga to people from all walks of life. Whether instructing seniors who may have particular physical limitations; or those in rehabilitation centres or prisons, who may face unique mental and emotional challenges, BODHI adapts its services to ensure that yoga can benefit Every Body.

Yoga Roots

What We Offer

We offer the following services which promote wellness for people in special care centres. BODHI pre-screens all of its teachers to ensure the highest quality instruction.

Group or Private Guided Meditation Sessions and Gentle Yoga

Sessions to promote a calm, attentive mind and deep relaxation.

Weekly Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Props-assisted yoga for postural alignment and correction, adapted to mobility and chronic pain issues.

Yoga for Cancer Care

Emphasis on techniques in restorative postures, breath work, energetic healing, naturopathy, and Yoga Nidra to rebalance the system and support immunity.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Personalized Thai yoga massage, myofascial and joint release sessions.

How to Register

For information and to register for an activity, contact:

Gisele Seto РDirector BODHI Roots

Bhaskar Goswami – BODHI Founder

Meet the BODHI team