Special Event: Kirtan with Lea Longo

Kirtan with Lea Longo

Saturday 19th October  7:00pm

Join us for this ancient spiritual practise of chanting and meditation.  Chanting mantras while using our voices involves bringing the two worlds of humanity and eternity.  It allows a person to touch a deeper world that is organic and flowing.  Chant has no set rhythm, and is done in a call and response manner.

About Lea:  Yogini/Chantress/Songwriter

KirtanAn award winning singer/songwriter, co-founder of the MTL Yoga Chant Fest, and yoga teacher, Lea’s voice and music has been described as “Spiritually Rewarding”, and has also been heard in popular Film and TV shows (Cheaper by the Dozen, She Drives me Crazy, Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, Felicity, and more).  In 2006, Lea discovers the world of chanting from her India travels and becomes immediately entranced by the power of the mantra.  She immediately decides to pursue yoga chanting at a deeper level and becomes a kundalini instructor.  She decides to co-produce and release 2 Meditation and Kirtan Cd’s, Peace Chants & Zen Voyage with her long time music collaborator, Rad Crasta whom she also performs regularly with, alongside


Cost:  Suggested donation of $15.00
To reserve your space,  phone 514-944-5396

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