Workshop: Connect with the Real YOU, energetic healer Chris Chimbers

Connect with the Real YOU

A workshop with energetic healer Chris Chimbers
Oct 27th  from 2 – 4 pm


Come share a light-hearted afternoon with Chris as we explore our connection to who we really are!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Let’s talk about how we can make life joyful for ourselves and everyone around us.
Your inner Self already knows what enlightenment is. All we have to do is learn to re-connect with that Self.
This workshop will cover our connection to the six important areas of life: our Inner Child, our body, our heart, our life purpose, our passion and our Source.

We will make these connections using meditation, energy release, and  intention.
Come share an afternoon of love, light & miracles.  We will get amazing results because we ARE amazing!

Cost: by donation to  BODHI

Chris is the founder of Heartfreedom ( and an energetic healer, life coach and radio host.  You can hear his interview with Bhaskar by clicking this link…

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