The Value of Generosity

Generosity feels good. To receive spontaneously without asking, to give without being asked, to even witness acts of generosity feels good. This alone might be reason enough to cultivate generosity.

If we go a little deeper, we discover that value of generosity can be more subtle, profound and deep reaching. For example, it is impossible to suffer with stress, anxiety, depression or anger, and be generous at the same time. To two cannot co-exist. They are diametrically opposite in experience. Generosity then, becomes an antidote to our personal mental suffering.

When we focus our attention on the question, “How can I be more generous in this experience?”, and we practice joyful giving, it has a way of cultivating genuine confidence, easefulness, and an ability to see through our attachments. It reveals a depth of interconnectedness, community and a sense of belonging that nourishes this human experience. After all, we enter this life empty handed, leave this life empty handed, and all we have in the middle are a series of experiences. From this perspective, generosity becomes very valuable for living a truly rich life.

This is the calling of our times. We are all aware of the negative impact that the global amplification of stress, fear and greed is having on our planet. It is simply unsustainable. It would not be an overstatement to say that cultivating generosity is no longer a luxury. It has become vital for the survival of the human species. The same mindset that created the suffering, will not get us out of it. Now is the time to create this mindset paradigm shift.

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